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Spousal support (also called alimony) is a highly complex issue which may significantly impact your rights during and after a divorce. A family law court may order either spouse to pay temporary support during a divorce proceeding or permanent support after a divorce action is completed. Spousal support may also be ordered pending a legal separation.

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Barry Schneider is committed to providing the experienced and skilled legal representation you require. For more than 35 years, he has been representing clients with both simple and complex family law cases.

Barry Schneider has been in the practice of law in San Francisco and the Bay Area for all of his legal career. He was certified in the first class of Family Law Specialists by The State Bar of California. He is respected in the legal community for his professionalism and integrity, having been selected for inclusion in Northern California Super Lawyers list.

What You Should Know About Spousal Support

A court may order monthly payments by one spouse to support the other spouse pending a divorce and on a permanent basis after considering such things as the length of the marriage, the incomes of the parties, health issues and other factors.

For couples married less than 10 years, the typical length of spousal support ordered is one-half the length of the marriage (or until the supported spouse is remarried). In long-term marriages (generally considered to be 10 years or more), permanent spousal support can be awarded until either spouse’s death or remarriage or a fixed date, depending on the circumstances of the parties.

Given the wide range of issues considered by courts in such cases, it is often in the best interests of the parties to reach an agreement on such issues. Should your case go to trial, you will need a skilled trial lawyer who can properly frame complex financial issues to your benefit and make a strong case on your behalf. Using our experience and knowledge of the law, we can provide the sound advice and skilled representation you require.

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