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Addressing Child Support Issues Near San Francisco

The California child support guidelines create a mathematical formula that is utilized by courts to compute child support awards. The formula is based on the gross income of the parents, the amount of time the child spends with the parties, the cost of child care, and other factors, such as health insurance payments and other necessary ongoing costs.

While the formula is straightforward, child support cases can be complex. Unique issues may require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney such as Barry Schneider. Barry Schneider is a Certified Family Law Specialist. For more than 35 years, he has been representing clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area in divorce and family law matters.

Handling Imputed Income, Enforcement And Other Child Support Matters

We have extensive experience in child support matters, including initial child support calculations during a divorce and post-decree child support modifications.

Let our law firm assist you with any child support concern you may have, including:

  • High-earner child support issues
  • Child support deviations for cases involving special circumstances
  • Imputing income to voluntarily unemployed parents
  • Cases involving children with special needs that may involve higher costs of care
  • Determining the net income of a self-employed parent

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